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IACA is a not for profit organization promoting cultural and social integration of both Indian and American culture helping building a stronger community.

Cultural education

Working on the mission to promote our cultural values and traditions, we conduct story telling sessions for kids in the libraries, organize informational workshops and social and cultural events.

volunteering services

One of the main purposes of IACA’s foundation is to give back to our community. We're working alongside our partner organizations for volunteering on monthly basis for children and seniors with special needs or abilities.

Conducting workshops

We organize informational workshops for our cultural promotions, invite speakers from specialized fields, conduct free events for public helping families of special needs children.

The Indian American Cultural Association (IACA) has been founded to promote and preserve the rich Indian and American Cultural diversity and strengthen the relationships with a broad range of cultures and ethnicities.

One of the primary purposes of IACA is to be an all-encompassing Indian-American cultural organization, which allowed for cooperation between the different religious and regional backgrounds of India represented by the Indians in Chicagoland area. Building cross awareness on Indian and American culture while promoting social integration. Our mission is to build an awareness campaign that can be widely circulated with details on Indian and American Cultures and traditions.


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Contact Us

Email us with any question or inquiries @ . We would be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible.

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