Making a Difference

We at IACA are committed to create a world where individuals with special needs or abilities feel a part of a larger and accepting community. We offer services – such as informative workshops, cultural awareness/ education programs, social or holiday events, story telling session for children in libraries. We connect families through our outreach projects, monthly volunteering sessions, our social activities and social networking.

IACA making a difference:: Holiday Giveaway Events

IACA partnered with Ray Graham Associates in Burridge and Little Friends in Naperville, IL for volunteering on monthly basis helping children and seniors with special needs/abilities. Thanks to our very generous volunteers base, we’ve been able to run the sessions, the countless hours they’ve put in to help us running sessions, organizing, giveaway drives was an incredible generous gift to our community.

We celebrated holiday giveaway drives, served seniors at children and presented them with gifts and toys for the holidays. The kids were thrilled to receive the toys and the smiles on their faces were worth it for all what we do and a reason to do it even more. 

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